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Hypnosis or better known as "Hypnotherapy"often regarded as a mystic approach to issues has been respected and out of the dark ages for many years now.

The idea that you are put in some kind of state is as mysterious as it is false.

Hypnosis is NOT a state at all and was approved for childbirth by the catholic church way back in 1857.

With technology leading the way and proving that a good hypnotherapists, like one approved by the Conscious Hypnosis Society. Can help you alleviate issues regarding anxiety, stress, fear or phobia, depression, as well as reduce or eliminate pain such as:

If you have ever felt that your pain is more than just physical symptomatic... Then maybe seeking the help of Melbourne Hypnosis Centre may be a lubricating way to pain relief.

Hypnosis has been shown to be the best way to quit smoking in the largest ever study done on the habit... {New Scientist Magazine 92} and supported by Harvard and Stanford studies.

Conscious Hypnosis also has one of the best most exclusive ways to lose weight and has an amazing success over the last 23 years. More reliable weight loss and long term weight loss than any other method of diet, pill or surgery.

Conscious Hypnosis is a real honest approach to hypnotherapy. with it's supremely neuroscience understanding of how the brain works and steps needed to crush habits, fears and doubts head on.

MELBOURNE HYPNOSIS CENTRE & MINDS PROFESSIONAL CONSULTANCY offer the best conscious hypnosis. useable principles and dynamic hypnosis and hypnotherapy models certified and accredited through the ICHNS / CHS. The only certifiable conscious hypnosis society in the world.

Learn how to 

  • Easily let go of past negative emotions that are holding you back.
  • Learn an effective way of changing Limiting Beliefs.
  • Manage anger, guilt, fear and sadness.
  • Blow away limiting decisions.
  • Learn how to use your experience. This can improve your communication and your behaviour. It is the science of how you learn and how you perceive the world around you. It is also the key to attaining goals and achieving success.
  • Grasp skills for the development of your success and learn you how to
    develop a system for empowering beliefs and excellence.
  • Develop "Self Hypnosis" a powerful natural therapeutic suggestion technique to empower these skills.  
  • Stop Smoking in 30 days
  • Lose weight for an important event like, wedding, 21st, reunion or anniversary. Or to bring back the spark in your relationship

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It is faster than any other method with the best proven success

Conscious Hypnosis

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