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Want to stop smoking for your health right?
Maybe your kids or family...

BUT - You've  seen your doctor for the pill and the side effects just make you feel weird.

You tried patches and still desperately wanted to pick up a cigarette even while wearing the patch and you still can't beet it.

You've tried acupuncture where they light the moxal on the end of the needle and you so just want to smoke the fumes right?

I was a heavy smoker so I know how you feel. For a long time I too was on the quit roller coaster.Until I did hypnosis to stop smoking!

Now I show people how I quit, and I show you in 30 days... Give me a call for a FREE assessment  and let me show you the best way to quit the habit

Is this where you want your habit to end

There is a lot of hype out there about how to quit smoking. Don’t believe everything you hear. At "Point Cook Hypnosis Centre" we have a proven track record of helping people stop smoking– with a Written Service  Guarantee.

You owe it to yourself to quit.  If you are tired of struggling, tired of fighting yourself, and have a sincere desire to quit give us a call and book your free hypnosis screening to find out if our program is right for you – Even if you’ve failed in the past. We can help you...  It really is that simple.

Listen to the people who have done this program

I was very happy with the program, I am now a non-smoker.
There is effort and responsibility on my part so I kept control.
It was made so easy with Point Cook Hypnosis Centre and I would recommend this program to anyone.
The program was tailored to me and D J Jacskon took the time to get the reasons of why I smoked. I have more money, I am doing alot more exercise and I have more energy. Best of all I am the one in control now

Jennifer Shedden
Point Cook, Melbourne Australia


Stop Smoking…You deserve to learn how to do it the easy way!


Even though hypnosis is often portrayed by the media as a gimmick, the reality is that hypnosis has been used regularly by the Military, Olympic Athletes, and the most successful entrepreneurs & CEOs around the globe.

Hypnosis is also taught at major Universities like Harvard, Princeton, and Yale. To learn more, check out Why it Works, How it Works, and Stop Smoking with Hypnosis in 30 days

Hi I'm Ness and I'd like to say how happy I am with this program.
I didn't think I could do it however D J Jackson made me feel so comfortable with my choices.
I know How much better I am without Cigarettes.

I have more money, energy and My body is rewarding me with health and gratitude.
The smoke has cleared and I see my life and health more clearly now.
I know I did it with the help and support of "Point Cook Hypnosis centre", but the Key is I finally did it.

Werribee, Melbourne Australia


Call today:for your FREE Stop Smoking Assessment - 0405 142 456

Want to stop smoking today but skeptical of hypnosis?

Try our 1 session approach for less than 1 month worth of cigarettes

Hi, I'm Dr D J Jackson... "I was skeptical too when I first tried to quit smoking over 20 years ago. But I must say that skeptical approach helped me get through. Now, 22 years later I'm still smoke free and using hypnosis to help people like yourself to easily stop smoking with the most effective way to quit smoking according to the LARGEST ever study on how to best quit the habit.

  • 30% of people who do our one session approach quit with no cravings and no withdrawals of any kind.
  • 30% stop smoking with minimal cravings, just on the odd occasion they reach for where they used to keep their cigarettes or put their empty fingers in front of their face.
  • While 30% do OK with the occasional inner voice that says... "Yes, No, Yes,No, NO NO No"...

Those who take our STOP SMOKING packages have the easiest and best success


What makes Point Cook Hypnosis Centre different from the herd?

Quit Smoking in Point Cook, "Point Cook Hypnosis Centre"is ran by professional hypnotherapists and trainers so you can be

assured of the best service. These people coached the coaches and trained the trainers in hypnosis and NLP. 

"Conscious Hypnosis" is a new full brain approach to dealing with primal emotions that trigger habits and addictions. 24 years in the profession and stop smoking programs.

The support I received was excellent!

I achieved results from the first session. This program is excellent, very easy and 45 days into the program and I am a non smoker. I'd recommend this program to anyone. It gives more money, a great outlook for life and a feeling of being in control

Steve Walden
Hopper Crossing



Call today:for your FREE Stop Smoking Assessment - 0405 142 456

It's been 16 weeks already!!!!  I am feeling great, going for a lot of bike rides, my weight has stayed under control, and I have never felt better.  That isn't to say that smoking doesn't cross my mind every now and again, but not in the way that I want one. I look at smokers now and feel sorry for them, wondering how I could have been so stupid!
I am feeling much healthier and have a lot more energy now, as well as better circulation. I know I have done it and will never go back.

Jennifer Shedden
Point Cook, Melbourne Australia


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